Being motivated is what brought you here, let me help keep you motivated!
No previous skills or knowledge required!
Group rates also available!
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Women's KickFit Classes

I teach women’s KickFit classes 3 times a week at CrossFit Exhilarate. KickFit focuses on improving cardio and toning body. 

Weight Lifting

One-on-one weight lifting training based on your personal needs. This training can be sport specific for elite athletes, or fitness based for anyone. No experience needed!


Cardio is one of the key elements to fitness and it is important for a healthy heart.


Mobility is one of the most important things for improving flexibility and limiting chance of injury while working out. Which is why I like to add mobility to the end of many exercise programs.

& Much More

Those are just as few of the things I specialize in. I offer many different one-on-one, group, and class sessions.

Home Gym Training or at CrossFit Exhilarate

I will come to your home gym anywhere in Simcoe or Muskoka or at CrossFit Exhilarate in Orillia. Contact me for home gym pricing based on your address.

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